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The Military Development of Post

Nike in Vietnam Case Study Essay Example Nike in Vietnam Case Study Paper Nike in Vietnam Case Study Paper Nike, Inc. is the world’s driving trend-setter in athletic footwear, clothing, hardware and frill. Before there was the Swoosh, before there was Nike, there were two visionary men who spearheaded an upheaval in athletic footwear that re-imagined the business. Nike Employees Nike Employee Networks are intended to assist Nike with pushing toward more prominent decent variety. In the U. S. , six representative systems center consideration around significant networks inside Nike. The planned job of each system is to cultivate proficient turn of events, upgrade work execution, distinguish coaches, help with selecting various experts, create expanded network cooperation, and support improved collaboration and association inside and across work gatherings. Area The Company is headquartered close Beaverton, Oregon, in the Portland metropolitan region. Nike has been censured for contracting with industrial facilities (known as Nike sweatshops) in nations, for example, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Mexico. Vietnam Labor Watch, a dissident gathering, has archived that plants shrunk by Nike have damaged the lowest pay permitted by law and extra time laws in Vietnam as late as 1996, in spite of the fact that Nike guarantees that this training has been halted. Starting at July 2011, Nike expressed that 66% of its manufacturing plants delivering Converse items despite everything don't satisfy the companys guidelines for specialist treatment. It serves a territory worldwide with its items. It has additionally been explored into the case of kid work in Pakistan. Advantages for the organization and the nation of inception The organization utilizes 650 000 provisional laborers worldwide at moderately low work costs. Due to the early choice to fabricate shoes in Asia permitted his organization to appreciate lower work and creation costs, Nike was capable from the start to deliver highquality athletic shoes at serious costs. Nike’s nearness gives a deluge of U. S. money with which have nations can purchase the imports, for example, cutting edge gear, that are basic to monetary and social turn of events. Disadvantage for the organization and nation of beginning The Global Economy-when the worldwide economy falls, so do the deals of the organization, hence they make less benefit and afterward in the long run need to lose representatives due to not having the option to pay them, this would then negatively affect the host nation as they would not have as much cash returning into the economy. Hierarchical structure †when the organization develops and grows abroad, this frequently implies a great deal of the first structure and control can be lost. Taking a shot at a worldwide level-the notices for Nike didn’t first work in quite a while as they had various implications to various individuals, this at that point prompted Nike changing the promotions to fit in with the nearby culture to interest a worldwide market. The Nike Foundation (a social advantage for the host nation e. g. Brazil) Absolutely everything Nike does bolsters the Girl Effect: the one of a kind capability of 250 million youthful young ladies to end destitution for themselves and the world. Nike has faith in the intensity of releasing human potential †on the field, on the court, and throughout everyday life. At the Nike Foundation, they take the intensity of potential to another playing field to battle one of the most problems that need to be addressed of their time: worldwide destitution. At the point when the Nike Foundation began in 2004, it looked for the best speculation with the most significant yields. They followed the indications of neediness back to their underlying foundations, and it drove them to a sudden arrangement and an impetus for change: pre-adult young ladies. There are 250 million immature young ladies living in neediness in the creating scene. That’s a fourth of a billion young ladies matured 10-19 living on under $2 USD a day. At the point when a young lady in the creating scene understands her latent capacity, she isn’t the one in particular who gets away from neediness she brings her family, network, and nation with her. It’s an influence system that can’t be beat. That’s why youthful young ladies are a select core interest. Putting resources into a young lady stops destitution before it begins. Numerous young ladies relocate from the rustic zones of Kenya to the city of Nairobi looking for circumstance. Yet, rapidly, these young ladies find that open doors are restricted. With no training and no possibilities, regularly, she is left with her lone resource: her body. The Nike Foundation in any case, implied that young ladies could go into work legitimately and securely. This at that point profited the host nation as there was increasingly legitimate work and less spread of ailment or illness. Advantages for the host nation Increased training levels as young ladies are being instructed to work as opposed to utilizing her body to gain cash, in this manner better employments can be found and along these lines more cash can be returned to the nation. The expansion in the degree of occupations can give better work to individuals living in that nation along these lines expanded cash set back into the nation. Downsides for the host region As numerous little youngsters are moving to the city to discover work in these manufacturing plants, the populace left in the country regions is maturing. This implies less work will have the option to be done and is known as a ‘brain drain’ where all the gifted youngsters move out of a region looking for openings for work. The structure of foundation to pull in the TNC can wind up costing the host nation a great deal of cash, perhaps more cash than the GDP; in this manner the nation may wind up in the red and afterward become ugly for cash loan specialists.

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The Fed And Interest Rates Essays (1094 words) - Monetary Policy

The Fed and Interest Rates Dave Pettit of The Wall Street Journal composes a day by day section that shows up inside the main page of the diary's Money and Investment segment. On the off chance that the features of Mr. Pettit's day by day section are any precise record of monetary concerns and current issues in the business world, the late long stretches of March and the early long stretches of April in 1994 were strongly worried about financing costs. To cite, Industrials Edge Up 4.32 Points Amid Caution on Interest Rates, and Industrials Track On 13.53 Points Despite Interest-Rate Concerns. Why such a worry with loan costs? Seven days prior, in the most recent seven day stretch of March, the Fed had pushed up the transient rates. This being the principal increment in nearly five years, it created a significant ruckus. At the point when the Fed chooses the economy is developing at too brisk a pace, or expansion is turning crazy, it can take activities to slow spending what's more, decline the cash gracefully. This comparing with the cash condition MV = PY, by bringing down both M and V, P and Y can balance out if they are expanding too quickly. The Fed does this by selling protections on the open market. This, thusly, diminishes bank's stores what's more, powers the loan cost to rise so the banks can bear to make advances. Individuals seeing these increases in rates will in general sell their low premium resources, so as to secure extra cash, they tend move toward higher yielding records, additionally further expanding the rate. Before long this little change by the Fed influences all parts of business, from the value level to loan fees on Visas. Increases and falls in the loan fee can reflect numerous adjustments in an economy. At the point when the economy is in a downturn and necessities a kind of boost bundle, the Fed may endeavor to diminish the loan fees to empower development and spending in the business sectors. This was the situation from 1989 until a month ago, during which the country's economy was for the most part viewed as in a slight to direct downturn. During this period the Fed attempted to keep financing costs low to encourage development and spending in difficult situations. Be that as it may, when expansion is expanding as well rapidly and the economy is picking up quality, the Fed will endeavor to raise rates, as it did late last March. This can be viewed as a sign that we are pulling out of the downturn, or atleast it appears the Fed feels the downturn of the mid nineties is finishing. Straightforwardly after the Fed's activities, the securities exchange was a wreck. The Dow took colossal plunges, falling as much as 50 focuses a day. Albeit nobody knows precisely what impacts the market, the expansion in loan fees assumed a significant job in this insanity. Mr. Pettit's segment on March 25th features, Industrials Slide 48.37, Mr. Pettit properties a enormous bit of the market's spiral as of now to, Rising loan costs at home. It is surely no happenstance that these two occasions occurred simultaneously. Alan Greenspan, the present administrator of the Fed goes under extraordinary assault and recognition with each move the Fed makes. He is, as it were, the epitome of the Fed. He has been accountable for the Fed since 1987. A few financial experts reprimand him for the downturn of the mid nineties. His effect on the financing costs as administrator of the Fed is fantastic. It is his consolidated activity as the Fed to direct the economy in a decent way that doesn't yield a lot to swelling and to keep development consistent. Typically, most business analysts are busybodies when it comes to watching the activities of Allen Greenspan, and they will in general feel they could substantially more effectively deal with the economy than he. Some moreover concur with his strategies, so it is a two route road on which the administrator is compelled to drive. It appears that not just the investigators are in contradiction of how the fed ought to work, however curiously enough, the inner arrangement creators appear to likewise differ on what position the Fed should take. A portion of the interior approach producers are keen on making an increasingly considerable increment now, while others select a progressively traditionalist methodology, where the market can be tried for both great and awful impacts from the rate increments. Allen Greenspan is one of this increasingly traditionalist gathering, and it is he is critisized by some for the irradic conduct in the stock showcase starting late. The harmony that the Fed

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The Structure of the Earth Essays

The Structure of the Earth Essays The Structure of the Earth Paper The Structure of the Earth Paper The structure of the earth The earth has three significant parts-the land part or lithosphere, the water part or hydrosphere and the air part or atmostpere. The lithosphere is the surface on which you live . It is additionally the earth strong circle comprising for the most part of huge rocks. The huge rocks structure huge land masses called landmass and little island bunches . Distinctive land structure, for example, mountains,hills,valleys,plateaus and fields make up the lithosphere. The hydrosphere incorporate all water structures, for example, oceans,seas,rivers,lakes,and groundwater found underneath the earth. Geologists or researchers who practice on the history and structure of earth concentrate cautiously these two significant pieces of the earth. They study the various layers of the earth and what each layer is made of. You see just the outside of the earth †the seas, oceans, streams, shakes, and soil. They spread the earth simply like the thick stripping of the pomelo or orange organic product. At the point when you cut open the pomelo, you see layers of mash inside it. In the event that the earth were cut open, you will see that it is made of three layers. They are the hull, matle and the center. The highest layer of the earth is the covering which is made of strong stone. It is thicker under the landmasses; around between 11 to 35 kilometers. In any case, under the seas, it tends to be 5 to 12 kilometers thick as it were. At the lower limit of the outside layer is the mohorovicic brokenness or moho; naned after its find Yugoslav geologist Andrija Mohorovicic. The moho isolates the outside from the following layer underneath it †the mantle. The mantle is around 2,900 kilometers inside and out or thickness. Much the same as the outside layer, it is additionally made of strong rocks. But since of extraordinary warmth and weight, a portion of these stones may even stream extremely, gradually. The center is the deepest piece of the earth which is around 3,400 kilometers in thickness. It is separated further into two; the external center which acts like a fluid and the internal center which believesto be strong. The center is for the most part iron with lesser measures of nickel and silicon. Crustal rocks that are portions of the earth’s covering are of two sorts â€granate and basalt. The greater part of the stones under seas bowls is basalt which is like the stones at the upper mantle. Underneath the mainlands, the covering is made up for the most part of granity. Rock is ligther than basalt; so landmasses glide high on the heavier mantle. Recollect the science realities; 1. the earth has three layers ; The covering. The mantle. The center. 2. crustal rocks which are a piece of the earth’s outside layer are basalt and granate. Undertaking In Science Submitted by; Glenn van barrida Submitted to;Juliet o. de luna Forces that change the earth’s surface The earth surface has been continually changing sincethe world started. Some change perhaps moderate that you barely can see it. Be that as it may, over amillions of years, mountains rise worn out. What powers can change the earth’s suface? There are two sort of powers that are grinding away to continually change the earth’s surface. They structural powers and gradational powers. Gradational powers are brought about by wind, ice, moving or streaming water and other living beings. Enduring reason rocks to be separated into pieces or part. Erocion diverts or thransport these disintegrated rocks into the waterways and seas as dregs. Oceans creep in over the land and rise making new land. Icy masses move down the mountains and from valleys. Disintegration and enduring are grandational powers; they originate from outside or past the earth. Tictonic powers come fron inside the earth. There are two gatherings of tictonic powers diastropism and volcanism. Diatropism alludes to all developments of the strong piece of the earth sa in seismic tremors. Volcanism or volcanic ejections make landforms when magma solidifies. Seismic tremors and volcanic emissions cause abrupt changes on the earth surface. They may achieve the ascent or the fall of surface rocks. Recall the science truth; 1. or on the other hand Gradational and tictonic powers achieve changes on the earth’s surface. 2. Disintegration and enduring are gradational powers. They realize moderate changes on the eath’s surface. 3. Diastropism and volcanism are tictonic powers. They achieve abrupt quick changes.

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Bad News Reply to customer response on late delivery - 275 Words

Bad News: Reply to customer response on late delivery (Essay Sample) Content: Bad news: reply to customer response on late deliveryNameCourseInstructorDate We were concerned after receiving your letter regarding delays in pizza delivery. We will ensure that you will not experience such disappointments and inconvenience again. In all cases, where there have been customer complaints, Pizza House Pizzeria has undertaken measures to respond to the complaints. The mere act of complaining shows that you took time to monitor and assess the services being offered. Hence, we appreciate your efforts to point out about service delivery, as well as appreciate feedback from customers since, such information helps us to serve you better without compromising on quality of service delivery.Based on previous results the wait time and delivery distance are the two main reasons for delay in pizza delivery. Allow us to follow-up on the matter and review current procedures with our delivery staff. We will undertake further evaluation to prevent such delays in futu re. Feel free to contact Pizza House Pizzeria with the phone number 800-956-8601. You are also welcome to make any further suggestions as every customer needs to get the best quality service provided. We propose to offer free delivery at any time of your convenience to demonstrate our appreciation and recognition of your input towards improving our customer services. As earlier stated if you give us another opportunity, it will be possible to demonstrate our commitment to serve you. We pledge to improv...

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B. F. Skinners Philosophy of Operant Conditioning Theory ...

I think that B.F. Skinner shares my philosophy in the behavioral aspects of education. There are many points that have expanded my philosophy. One was the operant conditioning theory, which is when the behavior is changed through positive and negative consequences depending on one’s behavior. Positive Reinforcements can be anything from food and candy to a toy or sticker. Negative reinforcement could be a timeout, scolding, or maybe a spanking. It all depends on their behavior. One thing that surprised me was when Skinner said, â€Å"punishment is generally ineffective in controlling undesirable behavior.† I thought that was always the best route to go. Skinner also states that it is better to just ignore the bad behavior until it stops. That†¦show more content†¦I hope that by learning about Skinner that I will be able to better help and educate the students in my classroom. When I was in school, my teacher let the kids who had been good all week get a prize out of the toy chest. It had little rings, a homework pass, or something small to give us an incentive to behave. It worked most of the time but when it came time to get our prizes, the children who did not act well got upset. They acted out because they didn’t get anything when it was up to them to act in a well manner. Another interesting piece of information I saw that Skinner said was that too much punishment can cause reinforcement. This teaches the child to lie. I think that if we do punish our students too much that they will start to lie or place the blame on others so they will not have to bare the repercussions of their actions. The goal of reinforcement is to help the good behavior increase and the punishment is to hopefully get the bad behavior to decrease. During the summer when I work with a school ESP program, the way we deal with the children who disobey or act out, we send them to the table and they have to put their head down. I personally believe that this is an effective punishment. While the child’s friends are coloring or playing, he or she has their head down and cannot participate in what is going on around them. Many do not get in trouble again for the rest of theShow MoreRelatedThe Role of Research and Statistics in the Field of Psychology1359 Words   |  6 PagesJohn B. Watson work on classical behaviorism that paved the way for B. F. Skinners radical or operant behaviorism which has had a large impact on educational systems. Watson was one of the influential psychologists of the twentieth century. His material is still used in most psychology and educational psychology texts. Watson helped with defining the study of behavior anticipated Skinners emphasis on operant conditioning and the importance of learning and environmental influencesRead MoreSkinner, Behaviorism, And Operant Conditioning1671 Words   |  7 Pageseffect. Skinner segmented behaviorism into two main sections such as respondent conditioning and operant conditioning. He associated that the later the consequences tailored to the behaviors are manipulated, the more frequent similar scenarios are played out in the future. Introduction Skinner, who was a behavioral psychologist, propelled his work towards the field of behaviorism concerning operant conditioning. Though, his work was more instrumental in structuring and confirming majorRead MoreClassroom Management3057 Words   |  13 PagesClassroom Management Theorists and Theories/Burrhus Frederic Skinner lt; Classroom Management Theorists and Theories Contents 1 Overview of Skinners Theories of Classroom Management 2 Implementation of Skinners Theories 3 Critique of Skinners Theories 4 Questions for Consideration 5 References Overview of Skinners Theories of Classroom Management[edit] The Theory Skinner believed that the goal of psychology should be practical (Lieberman, 2000). As it relates to education, SkinnerRead MoreModule : Mirror : Explorations Of The Self2514 Words   |  11 Pagesvarieties of personality theory on offer, do you think any offer distinct advantages over the others, and if so, why? The study of personality, or human nature has been baffling the minds of great scholars for centuries now. It is not the recent development, but has a long history of progress. Some great scholars like Aristotle, Machiavielli, Descartes among a few other philosophers and writers had their interest invested in the workings of human nature. Recent theories developed after the 18th centuryRead MoreBehavioral Psychology And Neuropsychology And The Dimensional Systems Model2743 Words   |  11 Pages Philosophy of Psychology Jessica Germany Freed-Hardeman University â€Æ' Philosophy of Psychology Introduction As an occupational therapist, I hope to use a number of different psychological theories. The main perspective I will use is Behavior Psychology. Most of my therapy techniques will come from Skinner’s theory of operant condition. By using Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), I can help modify children’s behavior. The second perspective I will use is Neuropsychology. In treating autisticRead MorePhilosophy of Behaviorism2347 Words   |  10 PagesPhilosophy of Behaviorism Tammie Williams Columbia College Abstract For hundreds of years there has been a fascination on how humans behave and how humans learn. This has been observed and studied by psychologists, educators, and scientists by means of humans and animals and how they perform in different environments. This fascination is known as behaviorism. This aspect of behaviorism deals with how a humans or animals respond to a certain stimuli and how a new behavior is then developed.Read MoreHow Two Incredibly Innovative Behavior Theorists During Their Time Were By John B. Watson1014 Words   |  5 PagesSupervision Research Paper Two incredibly innovative behavior theorists during their time were, John B. Watson, and B. F. Skinner. The spark of the behaviorism movement began after Watson published the classic article Psychology as the behaviorist views it in 1913 (McLeod, 2004). John B. Watson’s prestigious career began in 1903 when he learned his doctorate degree in psychology with a minor in philosophy. Soon after Watson was hired as an instructor at the same place he earned his doctorate degree,Read MoreBehaviorism1675 Words   |  7 PagesIn the philosophy of education when it comes down to teaching as a profession, there are things teachers should take into consideration. Teaching as a profession has many codes they have to abide by inside and outside of the work place. The philosophy of education normally promotes a specific type or vision of education, and/or which examine the definition, goals and meaning of education. While you read this philosophy you will see what I have noticed or feel what teachers should do when it pertainsRead MoreDr. Skinner, An American Psychologist, And Jean Piaget2460 Words   |  10 PagesB. F. Skinner, an American psychologist, and Jean Piaget, a Swiss psychologist, were two of the most influential human develo pment theorists of the twentieth century. The two men approached the question of human development from very different angles. Skinner, a behaviorist, worked from a learning perspective and saw human development as a continuous process in which changes in behavior were responses to experience and adaptation to the environment. Piaget, on the other hand, took a cognitive approachRead MoreTaking a Closer Look at Behaviorists Essay1963 Words   |  8 Pagesantecedent behavior will happen again. The study of only behavior in Psychology is called Behaviorism. The Psychologists who study the school of Behaviorism go by the title of Behaviorists or Behavioral Psychologists. Behaviorists have their own theories and principles that they follow in their study. Behaviorists believe two specific principles that are different from other studies in Psychology. The first is that Psychology is only the study of behavior, and it has nothing to do with the unconscious

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The Double Helix Dna ( Deoxyribonucleic Acid ) Structure

Date submitted: October 6th, 2015 The Carleton Biotechnology Prize Assignment 1 Jose Gutierrez-Solana 100975342 Course code: BIOL 1010 A Dear Carleton Prize community, My name is Jose Gutierrez-Solana and I am writing to this panel in regards to a woman, whose contributions to science have gone neglected and somewhat forgotten. A woman, who without her contribution to science we may have been set back, and not have had so many advancements in the 21st century, these contributions were credited to James Watson and Francis Crick. I am talking about no one other than Rosalind Elise Franklin, quite possibly one of the greatest minds of the last century and arguably the biggest step in to creating the double helix DNA†¦show more content†¦Dr. Franklin attended several private schools were she excelled in all her subjects, at the age of 11, she went to Paul s girl s school where she would transcend the average student in science, Latin, and sports. She truly stood out in a time where being a woman would have been an issue in terms of competing or even being taken seriously. Dr. Franklin then went to Cambridge and s tudied chemistry within the natural sciences Tripos where students must study three disciplines. She then graduated in 1942, where she was accepted in to apprenticeships in her university and worked in various departments of the faculty of chemistry. She had a huge contribution in to researching the void fraction of coal and its relationship to helium s density. With this research, she was able to find the relationship of the substances being expelled in order of molecular size as heat went up and vice versa. This lead to being able to precisely predict the performance of coals as fuels as well as classify them. As it turns out, her research on coal and helium was also the topic of her Ph.D paper and solidified her doctoral status. Through assistance from her colleagues, she was able to gain a spot in a group of 15 researchers at the laboratoire central des services chimiques de l etat in Paris, France. Here she was an x--ray crystallographer, where she was able to identify the atom ic and molecular structure of crystals. Dr. Franklin then

Concept of Sustainability in Tourism Policy and Planning

Question: Discuss about the Concept of Sustainability in Tourism Policy and Planning. Answer: Introduction Tourism is considered to be the most important sector which helps in enhancing the development and growth of the concerned area or places. The tourism is defined as the desired practice of traveling in order to have the pleasure basically on the holidays. It is organized consisting of visits t several other places. It becomes very important to understand the desired importance of tourism as well as the benefits from tourism to the concerned city or the areas of tourism. One such tourism is the Australian tourism which aims to have a large number of varieties for the different tourists. The tourism sector in Australia is considered to be increasing rapidly and it is the strongest component of the Australian economy. Considering the financial year of 2014 to 2015 the tourism throughout Australian represented 3.0% of the entire GDP of the country which added AUD47.5 billion to the nations economy. Therefore, it becomes more important to understand the desired role of the tourism sector in evaluating the nation's economic growth. This research paper will help in highlighting the different tourist places and the role and importance of the tourism in Australia. Some of the places include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane including some of the most popular destinations such as the Queensland, the gold coast and Great Barrier Reef (Mistilis et al., 2014). There is the uniqueness in the wildlife which helps in attracting a large number of the people toward it. The primary reason to get attracted towards the wildlife is kangaroos to some extent as the percentage of Kangaroos are m ore throughout the Australia. Purpose/Aims The purpose of the paper is to bring out the desired facts associated with the Australian Tourism and to understand the importance of the tourism sector in the development and growth of the countrys economy. People should understand the different aspects of the tourism sector as it helps in increasing the standard of living of the people. Moreover, it promotes the development and growth of the selected areas. The aim of the paper is to bring out the creative ideas and the knowledge of the candidates regarding the tourism sector in Australia. The identification of scope becomes more important as it helps in identified the different areas in the tourism sector. Effective research is important in order to get the desired ideas related to the geographic as well as the demographics. Moreover, the future scope of the tourism sector needs to be evaluated as this helps in the development of the concerned region. There is the crucial requirement of the effective research throughout the concerned market areas and the tourist areas as these reveal the importance of those selected places. Moreover, the need of the tourists along with the attraction of the customers needs to be identified as to enhance their satisfaction level. In order to develop the tourism sector, most important is to enhance the climatic and the geographical locations as these become the point of attraction for the respective tourists. The climatic change nad the geographical conditions draw the attention of the audiences to the selection of the places for visit and therefore, it becomes more important for the Australian government to enhanced the effectiveness of these places as to attract a large number of the public towards it. In order to make Australia a perfect tourists destination, the tourism department is working hard and is closely related to the travel industries and the different states or territories. Demographic The demographic factors need to be considered as this generates enormous impact on the respective tourists. The choices of the people based on their ages, gender, and lifestyle need to be categorized in order to improve the different tourist places in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and in Queensland. Services are supposed to be of great significance as this helps in increasing the satisfaction level of the tourist. Therefore, it becomes the primary responsibility of the government to enhance the selected tourist places as the development of the Australian tourism will strengthen the economic condition. The services include different facilities consisting of the traveling, site visiting, and the food items. There are certain terms in the tourism sector that need to be evaluated as to have the better understanding. The definitions have been provided below: Natural Attraction The beautiful attraction towards the natural environment of Australian tourism attracts the tourists to visit the places. There are several destinations of tourists which consist of a wide range of community attractions. Some of the attractions are natural, including beaches Waterfalls, and some are artificial, such as- parks, zoos, etc. There are several religious places such as, Castles, and Cathedrals which haven't build for tourism, but the places have created a specialty among tourism attraction. Domestic tourists Domestic tourists acts as another important term in Australian tourism. Native people are getting attracted towards the natural and artificial tourism spots of Australia. People of different regions visit the tourism spots within their country and enjoys their leisure moments. Economic impacts Superb attraction towards Australian tourism, increasing the number of visitors and tourists in Australia impacts on its daily economic values. The rapid increase in the tourism visits, creating a huge amount of business profits of Australian tourism. National and international tourism of Australia, simultaneously are enlarging profitable earnings of the country. Environmental impacts The increase in the visit of tourists in Australia, reflects the environmental factor of the entire country. There are several positive and negative changes which occur in the presence of tourism in the country. Vegetation trampling is one of the negative examples of this. International tourists Huge number of international tourist attraction is increasing in throughout Australia. People from different countries and different regions are visiting Australia, by crossing the international borders. Facility A vast number of facilities are been provided to the Australian tourists, like- country parks, travel agencies, luxurious hotels and resorts, libraries, art galleries, sports centers, etc. Historic site Australian tourism consists of several historical places, buildings, and monuments which give more tourist attraction. Service - Several leisure services like, catering services are there in Australian tourism, for which the tourist people gets more attracted towards this place. Background information The tourism industry of Australia creates a major impact on the economic level of the nation. Various places of various regions get attracted towards the Australian tourism. People of different countries and of different occupations visit Australia for leisure. Australia, considered to be the land of dreams, consists of top tourism attracted places as described below: Sydney Opera House the Opera House of Sydney, Australia, is one of the greatest architectural icons throughout the world. The stunning location, the water surrounding on the three sides, and the south faced Royal Botanic Gardens attracts the people all over the world. Great Barrier Reef The Great Barrier reef in Australia is considered to be the worlds largest living structure and one of the seven wonders of the world. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park It is one of the most photographed natural wonders of the world. The park is filled with red a dome-shaped rock which is known as Kata Tjuta. The visitors enjoy the natural scenario of this during sunset. There are many more famous tourist attracted places are there in Australia, such as, Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is the world's largest steel arch bridge, Blue Mountains National Park, consisting of many Eucalyptus trees, bush land, waterfalls. Melbourne, Bondi beach, Daintree National Park, Fraser Island, Kakadu National Park, Great Ocean Road, Broome and the Kimberley region are the other famous tourist places of Australia. A large amount of tourism is creating the huge amount of profits in the Australian Tourism Industry. People from different places are getting attracted towards the leisure spots and facilities provided to them. Hence, the economic and environmental benefits are increasing rapidly of the Australian Tourism business. Public awareness is getting spread worldwide, even in huge amount, through social media. Tourists are sharing their leisure experiences at Australia, with their family friends, through face to face, and also through various social networking sites, which resulting in the economic profits of the Australian tourism (Moyle et al., 2014). Theoretical framework There are different key theories and models in tourism which needs to be evaluated in order to have the desired concepts of this particular sector. Theories or Models Description along Early tourism development destination model These mainly focused on the life cycle, attributes and the growth of the location as to make it attractive Tourism attraction model It is mainly based on curve which reveals that the destination evolves mainly because of the growth, explanation and the development Natural section along with the structural forces This mainly focuses on the different species survival and evolution in order to describe the most competitive edge in natural section Cluster theory This has originated from the desired work of porter allowing different private sectors in order to strengthen the product quality or the strongest base of the selected tourist place Episodic Model This reveals the fact that the growth of the tourism sector mainly promotes tourist places and it occurs in a concerned sporadic incremental change Review of the literature There are many of the past well-known researchers who critically reviewed the fact that tourism helps in enhancing the development and growth of the country's economic. Throughout the different market segments of Australia, it has been found that the people are more prone towards the use of the luxurious items and the craze regarding the site visiting is seen on the large number in the tourists visiting there on. Different theories mentioned above critically explain the desired importance of the different factors in the tourism sector and thus the geographical and the demographic factors should be prioritized. The development of the different locations in different places of Australia is of immense importance as this helps in increasing the number of the tourists per year which will finally help in improving the overall economic growth of the entire country. It has been seen that the resilience theory in tourism reflects that stability, control as well as a system is important in ord er to enhance the satisfaction level of the tourists coming across the different places. Moreover, the attraction of the different locations is mainly because of the site maintained by the government as well as the regular authorities and this needs to be improved as to enhance the satisfaction level of the tourists. The sea beaches are found to be most attractive places for the tourist visiting Australia. The entire Australia is the most attractive place throughout the world as per the beaches are concerned. The country has wonderful beaches which provide a great sense of enthusiasm to the people. Moreover, it has been seen that the experiences of the different guest are not the same, but people should collaborate in order to increase the effectiveness of site visiting. The different theories given by many of the well-known researchers have evaluated that different resorts and the traveling throughout the different locations need to be of perfect. This helps in enhancing the experi ence of the tourist and is considered to be beneficial for the development and growth of the entire country. There are different theories and one such theory is the natural selection and the structural forces which mainly focus on the development of the natural species. The perseverance helps in improving the natural wildlife as well as the different other sectors which provide benefit to the entire nation. Methodology Different survey methods have been used to find out the exact responses and opinions of the tourists visiting different places. The survey has been conducted throughout different location of Australia, such as in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and the Queensland. The tourists were asked different questions and they need to answer it on the basis of their own personal experience. Qualitative, as well as the quantitative method, helps in bringing out the exact data regarding the particular matter. The analysis of the primary and the secondary research increases the chances of an accuracy of the data gathered from the effective research. It has been seen that different methods are used by different people to get the desired responses from the public regarding their own personal experience. The online survey is seen to be most successful at present times as it executes the survey throughout a wide number of the tourists concerned. The occurrence of the online survey is basically to found th e desired feedback of the audiences visiting different places. The sources also play the most vital role in matching up with the required information as needed by the concerned authorities. The attraction of the different places such as the beaches or the statutes is vital and the factors affecting this places needs to be identified which can be done by conducting an effective research on the entire place. The effective research on this will help in bringing out the desired issues of the customers that are the tourist which can be further improved to a large extent. Moreover, it needs to be understood that the attraction is not only for the aged or the youth but the attraction of the selected tourist's places needs to be developed considered people of all ages so that the maximum number of the tourists can be attracted towards the selected locations. A set of few question needs to be developed furthermore, as to understand the exact response of the tourists. On the other hand, it ha s been seen that the Australian Tourism is mainly famous because of the sea beaches which brings out more customers on the beach. From the effective research conducted throughout the different selected locations of Australia, a vast data on the Australian tourism is collected which reveals the likes and dislikes of the tourists. Different people have their own personal different opinion as per their experiences. On the other hand, many of the responses of the tourists found to get marched from the other tourists. This was one of the major areas where the government of Australia needs to focus in order to enhance the satisfaction level of the tourists. There were some of the issues found related to the arrangement of the bicycles and cars as to visit other places on their own. There exists some of the economical as well as the social forces which should be identified in order to increase the efficiency of the Australian Tourism. Moreover, one other issue that is found is the behavior of few of the people in respect to the people coming from the different countries. The racists are one of the vital points that ne ed to be looked upon by the government in order to make it suitable for the different tourists to come and visit different locations in Australia. Furthermore, there were many of the vendors as well as the travel agents found asking for more money from the tourist in order to provide the travel or the food services. Discussion of the findings The results obtained from the different survey conducted reveals that maximum numbers of the people are quite satisfied with the Australian tourism. The development of the different tourism sector is found to be more attractive and is growing rapidly as to make the different locations suitable for the tourists coming all along the different locations of the world. the traveling sector needs to be much more improved and the government t should look forward to improving the services offered by it. The findings reflect that the environment made is pollution free where people can live an unmatched holiday experience. The feedbacks and the responses received from the people make it very helpful for the other people to visit different places in Australia. Furthermore, the tourism sector throughout Australia is found to be growing rapidly. A major involvement to tourism is prepared by cultural tourism. The experience generates by Australian performance, illustration arts, as well as the her itage, are exclusive. Australia's National Tourism Policy is to add to Australia's financial as well as social well-being throughout the expansion of the policy that attains on globally viable tourism division alert on sustainable expansion. Encouraging the growth of competent and effective transportation network, a development local tourism expansion, attractive industry standards and different skill levels improve Australia's image as a secure with a pleasant destination. Therefore the pleasant experiences gained by different tourists increases the chances of having more profits. Conclusion The research paper concludes that tourism is one of the most important parts for the economic, socio-cultural and environmental factor of every country. Australian tourism is one of the greatest tourism spots throughout the world. People from different countries and different places are getting attracted towards Australian tourism. Hence, the business process is running excellent, even through globally. The wonderful tourism of this country attracts people of its own country and the international too. The tremendous public and tourism attraction towards Australia is creating excellence impact in the country's economic and environmental factors. The paper also concludes several challenges that have been recommended and planned, in order to enhance the business policy in a huge amount. There exist a few of the economical as well as the social forces which must be recognized in order to increase the efficiency of the Australian Tourism. Moreover, one other issue that is found is the beh avior of few of the people in respect to the people coming from the different countries. The Government along with the tourism department are trying to stop the negative issues in the business, and enlightening the tourism attraction and business practice in a swiftly and planned manner. Recommendations Various strategic plans are been recommended to the Australian tourism industry s as to earn profits of the entire business process. Several challenges need to be taken by the Government of Australia, in order to increase the long time destinations, to increase the competition among the other tourism market. The challenges also include strong $AUD, availability of best quality products and services in the marketplace. To increase the tourism demand from the Asian countries is also recommended as one of the strong strategic plans of empowering Australian tourism. The increase in the number of workers, practicing excellent skill policies, expanding the traditional workforce, improvement of recruiting policies are been recommended to the Australian tourism group to increase their business profits. Strong skilled HR practices are to be taken by the tourism association, to build a strong business environment and its methods. The tourism agencies are recommended to deliver services with cl ear and achievable vision, clear implementation framework. The Australian Government is recommended to invest the relative amount of money for required travel expenses for the business. The leisure environment should be clean and attractive. Identical and special facilities if offered to the tourists, both National and international tourist visitors will be attracted towards Australian tourism. Hence, the organization team members are been recommended to increase the tourism facilities to enlarge the tourist attraction globally. More the tourist people will visit; more will be the profit of the Australian Tourism business. References Mistilis, N., Buhalis, D. and Gretzel, U., 2014. Future eDestination marketing: the perspective of an Australian tourism stakeholder network.Journal of Travel Research,53(6), pp.778-790. Moyle, B.D., McLennan, C.L.J., Ruhanen, L. and Weiler, B., 2014. Tracking the concept of sustainability in Australian tourism policy and planning documents.Journal of Sustainable Tourism,22(7), pp.1037-1051.